The Tales of Lord Jagannath through Visual Art by Suvadra Art Gallery

Tales of Lord Jagannath

Belonging to the 11th century and enjoying the honour of being one of the ‘Char Dhams’, the pilgrimage that every person intend to visit Jagannath Temple is the honour of Puri and Odisha. The holy sight of Lord Jagannath, accompanied by Maa Subhadra and Lord Balabhadra raises loads of joy among the devotees. The two gods and the goddess of the temple are ornamented in accordance with the occasion and seasonal change. The structural design of the temple can be found to be in pyramid shape.The Temple consists of four entrance gates. They are named as Singhadwara, Ashwadwara, Hathidwara and Vyaghradwara and these names refer to lion, horse, elephant and tiger. Each day, the Lord at the Jagannath Temple is offered ‘bhoga’ six times and it is dispensed among the worshippers close to Ratnavedi.
All the important Puja-Parvana observed at Puri Jagannatha Temple are : Snan Purnima, Ratha Yatra (Gundicha Yatra), Jhulan Yatra, Balabhadra Jayanti( Rakhi Purnima), Shri Krishna Janmashtami, Ganesh Puja and Shrimad Bhagavat Jayanti in Bhadra, Durga Puja and Lakshmi Puja in Ashwin, Bhagawat Saptaha and Rash Purnima in Kartika, Saraswati Puja in Magha and Shivaratri and Dol Purnima in Falguna, Ram Navami in Chaitra are observed with great fervor and enthusiasm. The story through visual art is very much associated with Jagannath Culture from the beginning as Chitrakar Families were doing pattachitras for ages in Puri but we are changing its approach from traditional to modern as involving contemporary practicing professional artists of Odisha for this holistic contribution of promoting Jagannath Culture said curator Ashok Nayak who is also director of Suvadra Art Gallery Bhubaneswar. “We believe in imparting visual art around culture through a holistic approach. The objective is to foster Bhakti with creativity in young minds,” says Dr Surya Rath the Chairman of Suvadra Art Gallery Bhubaneswar in a media reaction to journalists at innauguration of the event.



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