MODI@20 NATIONAL PAINTING EXHIBITION to celebrate India’s Presidency in G20 Summit.

The National Art Exhibition MODI@20 is an outcome of multidisciplinary team approach where multiple stakeholders are involved. The Suvadra Art Gallery, Bhubaneswar lead this initiative with active collaboration from private sector, corporate and  state and central govt. to organize the whole event. This initiative was supported by the Rangta Arts, LN Infra, Global Consultants and Suvadra Consultants. All the participants of the MODI@20 NATIONAL PAINTING EXHIBITION which were conducted during the months from November 2022  to September 2023 in ten major cities of India were curetted by Ashok Nayak(Gallery Director) .

Dr. Surya Rath, Chairman of Suvadra Art Gallery says that “Art has a unique feature of helping the artist transmit a part of himself, his emotions on to his work. Apart from this Art can also act as a medium of employment”. This National Level Art Exhibition cum sales of the Paintings made by more than 200 eminent and young artists of India to showcase mission and vision of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a first of its kind step forward in showcasing the talents of Indian artists and also a medium for their empowerment. The exhibition will help to reduce the stigma associated with financial crises and luckdown period by highlighting their creativity and skills. It will also provide an opportunity to these participants to have their work displayed for a large number of potential viewers. Dr D.P.Majhi, director PMO  reiterated that “This Art Exhibition is a unique opportunity to encourage, promote and highlight the creative expressions of Indian artists. It’s a recognition of the unique skills that have emerged due to a collaborative network of various stakeholders. This initiative also heightens awareness about the abilities of the Indian Artists in their pursuit to be belonged and minimise stigma”.

Two-day Art Exhibition at Press Club Bhubaneswar was conducted during the months of November 2022 and a month long Exhibition in December 2022 was organised in Suvadra Art Gallery premises which showcased more than 60 art works of Artists from various parts of the nation, participated under the curation of Ashok Nayak(Gallery Director). Both the Exhibition provided an excellent opportunity for all young artists to take a step forward in developing their skills to become an established artist. The paintings from various participants will be kept for sale and the proceeds of which will be accrued to back to them. Thus, the event become a medium for their development as an artist and also for their empowerment. Year long project in ten major cities of India, MODI@20 National Painting Exhibition is becoming a success hub who showed their talent when given a platform. We invite the public to the Art Exhibition showcasing the creative side of differently abled artists like Abhijeet Gotani of Assam,

The final MODI@20 National Painting Exhibition showcasing the Paintings made by more than 200 Indian Artists will be held from 6th September, 2023 to 12th September, 2023, on the sideline of G20 India Summit 2023 in Delhi.  Before that MODI@20 National Painting Exhibition will be organised in Guwahati, Nagpur, Bhopal, Ahmadabad, Varanasi, Kochi, Goa and Srinagar.

This event is also open for the public, free of cost at all the venues. The public can also purchase the paintings, the proceeds of which will go to the participant who had painted. For more details and queries, email to suvadraartgallery[at]gmail[dot]com or  call: +91 9583332227