Modi @20, a national exhibition featuring captivating paintings and sculptures that celebrate the life and vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, commenced in Ahmedabad 

The artworks at Modi @20 provide a vibrant visual representation of PM Modi’s accomplishments, his undying dedication to the nation, and his transformative vision for a developed India. The unique exhibition explores various facets of his life, highlighting his inspiring leadership, social initiatives, and relentless pursuit of progress. It has been curated by Suvadra Art Gallery Director, Ashok Nayak.

“Through Modi @20, we are honouring the remarkable achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The exhibition is a testament to his visionary leadership, and we are delighted to bring it to Ahmedabad. We are confident that this exhibition will make more people aware of the truly transformative work he is doing,” said Badri Mohapatra, Chairman of the exhibition’s reception committee.

The exhibition has already been held in Bhubaneswar, Guwahati, Nagpur and Bhopal, and drew excellent responses. The exhibition was held at the Gujarat State Lalitkala Art Gallery from June 2 to 4..



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